Photo By: John Erwin - Bandstalkerfw

Photo By: John Erwin - Bandstalkerfw

Grant Bloom was brought up learning classical piano; wedged between Dallas and Ft. Worth Texas. Much like a kid eating broccoli, he pushed it away, not realizing how beneficial the music was. Some years later, he was baptized into the world of jazz and from this, music began to tug at Grant’s sleeve. After being taught basic guitar chords from his father, and becoming comfortable in his vocal prowess, Grant began to craft songs. 

As Grant’s music was molded in solitary moments with a piano or guitar, his musicianship was refined while playing through the constant chatter of coffee shops and dive bars. Grant describes his music as rhythm, blues, and everything in-between. 

When you witness Grant perform, don't expect the norm of your average singer/songwriter.  Challenging the standards of musicianship and boundaries of genre, Grant creates a performance unlike any other. Grant Bloom’s sound is one of a kind, his passion for music and performance leaves the audience intrigued, and longing for more.